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5 Best Fargesia Bamboo Screen Plants

Fargsia bamboo plants are perfect screening plants, they are upright with leaves running from the bottom to the top, yet not invasive.

They are bushy and attractive screens that could be used to hide the unsightly walls, sheds and views.

fargesia bamboo for sale UK


 Fargesia bamboo plants for sale UK

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5 Best Fargesia Bamboo Screen Plants

Fargesia murieliae 'Rufa' (Umbrella Bamboo

This fargesia bamboo is tolerant of both sun and shade and is best planted away from windy sites. It produces clusters of small leaves on orange and green stems (or culms).

Fargesia robusta 'Campbell'

A popular bamboo in the UK due to its clump-forming nature and stunning appearance.

It has light brown sheaths and bright green culms (stems), turning olive-green as they mature. Stunning bamboo to grow as a garden centrepiece, in shade or as a screen for all weather.

Fargesia papyrifera (Blue Dragon

It is quick-growing and tall upright fargesia bamboo, with the most peculiar blue cane colouration, prefers a shaded area and grows well in partly shaded locations.

 Fargesia robusta 'Pingwu' 

A low-maintenance fargesia bamboo, suitable for full sun or partial shade. 

It is evergreen dense foliage is ideal for a narrow screen.

Fargesia nitida (Chinese Fountain Bamboo)

This fantastic fargesia bamboo grows up to 4m in length and 3m wide. Can do pretty well in pots and containers.

It is an upright fargesia bamboo with narrow canes that arch at the top.

Fargesia bamboo for sale UK

Fargesia bamboo UK

Some bamboos grow better in the shaded and part-shaded areas, making them good choices for shady areas of the garden or as undergrowth. Others prefer sunny spots.

As a rule of thumb, the Fargesia and Phyllostachys bamboo thrive in shades and are ideal for growing in pots or as screens, undergrowths and hedges

Some of the most shade-loving varieties of bamboo, growing in the UK are Fargesia, Borinda, Pleioblastus, Sasa, Sasaella and Phyllostachys.

The varieties of bamboo above are popular among bamboo growers in the UK but are not limited to what you can grow in the garden. 

Discover over 100 bamboo collections at the GBP blog (Fargesia & Phyllostachys) and GBP website (Fargesia & Phyllostachys).