Balcony Plants in Winter to Summer - Evergreen Bamboo Options

Bamboos are the best plants for balcony privacy. They are evergreen and are great plants for winter through to summer. 

They are undemanding and thrive in confined spaces. 

You can grow them and enjoy the greenery all year round.
Many Bamboo plants are tolerant to different soil types and conditions and that makes it easier to grow. 

Are bamboo plants suitable for balcony privacy?

Finding the best, even better the right, bamboo is what matters the most. 

Use your preferences, and what you expect of the bamboo and the table to find the right bamboo for garden screening.

Other factors to consider are, for example, how high the bamboo should grow and how much space is available for it to spread. 

These important factors have been included in this article, so you will not go wrong when selecting bamboo for balcony privacy

Furthermore, growing bamboo on the hedge as a privacy screen means that you will have to plant the bamboo close to the neighbour’s side. 

All these risk-benefit analyses are important as you choose bamboo for your garden.

Best bamboo plants for balcony privacy

Bamboo plants are a great option because there are many different kinds of bamboos. 

 Here are 5 reasons why bamboos are the best plants for balcony privacy:
  • Undemanding plants.
  • Evergreen and hardy.
  • Grow well in confined spaces.
  • Thrive in large pots and containers.
  • Grow only to a certain height and form an umbrella or arch shape.
Bamboo balcony plants grow are hardy and can withstand low winter temperatures. They do not lose their leaves in autumn, in spring new shoots grow very, and in summer they grow to their maximum height very fast.

They are hardy species, for pictures and other tips, check out this link - bamboo plants for balconies 

Fargesia murielae nitida (Black Pearl, Fountain Bamboo)


Quick links to bamboo plants for privacy and hedging

So, what kind of bamboo is best for privacy? 

Depending on what you like, here are some suggestions of living bamboo plants for creating an ideal privacy space.

In fact, this article is part of the guide. You can download the PDF file - very helpful when selecting bamboos. 

The questions are structured especially for you to eliminate the undesirable bamboo plants, leaving only the best option for you. 
Download the PDF version - Guide for Selecting Garden Hedging Bamboo.

How to select garden bamboo plants for hedging screens

Where to buy bamboo pot plants?

Bamboo plants are great for creating a living screen wall for privacy. 

They come in different heights, sizes and colours. 

Here are reliable UK retailers that sell bamboo plants and get them delivered to you.

The bamboo plants are great options for living balcony screens - they provide natural greenery as well as cover from unsightly features.

Bamboo balcony plants are hardy, they do not lose their leaves in Autumn and survive in winter pretty well. In spring new shoots grow. 

They are one of the 'hardy' evergreen plants.

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