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Can You Eat Bamboo Shoots?

Not all bamboo shoots are edible. Of the 1700 different kinds of bamboo plants, less than 200 are considered edible. 

Yet only a handful are delicious, they can be eaten raw or cooked.

Most of the are bitter and require thorough preparations before cooking and eating.

bamboo shoots you can eat
Dendrocalamus giganteus Giant Bamboo Shoot

10 edible bamboo shoots

These 10 edible bamboo plants grow in the UK, either in gardens or in botanical gardens as exotic tropical plants. You can actually grow them.

Most are featured here at Garden Bamboo Plants, follow the links for more details.


  • Phyllostachys flexuosa Sinuate Bamboo [5/5]
  • Phyllostachys vivax Chinese Timber Bamboo [5/5]
  • Chimonobambusa tumidissinoda Walking Stick Bamboo [5/5]
  • Phyllostachys nuda Nude Sheath Bamboo [5/5]
Can you eat bamboo
Phyllostachys vivax Chinese Timber Bamboo Shoot


  • Bamboo Phyllostachys Sulphurea Viridis [4/5]
  • Dendrocalamus giganteus Giant Bamboo [4/5]
  • Phyllostachys edulis Moso Bamboo [4/5]


  • Phyllostachys atrovaginata Incense Bamboo [3/5]
  • Fargesia robusta Umbrella Bamboo [3/5]
  • Bambusa vulgaris Common Bamboo [3/5]

For more on edible ratings, check out this website

Edible bamboo shoots UK
Bambusa vulgaris Common Bamboo Shoots

Bamboo plants for sale, UK

Here is where to buy the clump-forming bamboo plants online 

We listed some top UK Home and Garden bamboo suppliers like Crocus and YouGarden.

Also, check out Amazon bamboo suppliers.

When to harvest bamboo shoots?

New shoots can be harvested for culinary uses. 

There is approximately a three-year lead time before the edible bamboo plants reach harvestable growths.

Thereafter the plants will continue to produce new shoots every spring and throughout summer.

This will continue for the 60-80 years lifespan of the bamboo plant. 

Bamboo shoot nutrition facts

Bamboo shoots are high in fibres. They also contain calories, carbohydrates and a minute amount of potassium and manganese.

The edible bamboo shoots are great fibre supplements.

are bamboo bamboo shoot edible?
Image credit: @kindabluntish/Twitter

Dried bamboo shoots

Dried bamboo shoots are a traditional ingredient in many Asian cuisines.

They have unique flavours, high in fibre and nutrients. 

Some dishes are cooked with duck, pork and also fish or beef are tasty and delicious.

World Bamboo Day 2022 - It is Time to Grow Bamboo

World Bamboo Day is celebrated annually on the 18th of September. The theme for this year is 'It is Time to Grow Bamboo'. Use the hashtag #GrowBamboo when celebrating the 2022WBD.

It aims to raise awareness about the importance of conserving bamboo plants and promote the bamboo industry. 

World Bamboo Day 2022

Importance of bamboo plants

Bamboo plants have been used by many indigenous communities for sustainable living. They are used in arts and crafts, as building and construction materials, as food etc. The uses are limitless.

Today, bamboo plants are used as raw materials for producing products like paper and furniture. 

The numerous bamboo plants with their evergreen lush foliage have made them useful outdoors garden plants.

Bamboo plants have a peculiar growth pattern. The regenerative behaviour puts them among the top oxygen-producing plants and air purifiers.

Rapid growth in the demand for bamboo products, urbanisation and deforestation has seen a decline in bamboo plants in Asia, Africa and Oceania where they are endemic.

There is a need to conserve bamboo plants and promote their sustainability in the bamboo industry. 

Aims of World Bamboo Day

World Bamboo Day (WBD) aims to 

  • raise awareness about the potential of bamboo plants, 
  • protect their environments and 
  • ensure sustainable use of bamboo. 

World Bamboo Day 2022

  • Event: World Bamboo Day
  • Date: Sunday, 18th of September, 2022
  • 2022 Theme: It is time to plant bamboo
  • Social Sharing Hashtag: #PlantBamboo
  • Observed: Worldwide
World Bamboo day 2022

We are featuring a new collection of bamboo hashtag #KnowThisBamboo to celebrate #WorldBambooDay.

Short videos of #bamboo to help you ID them are coming out everyday, this month and next.

Subscribe to GBP YouTube channel 

World Bamboo Day Initiative

World Bamboo Day was an initiative of the World Bamboo Organisation, in 2009 at the 8th World Bamboo Congress held in Bangkok. 

Delegates from almost 100 countries attended the event and agreed to mark the 18th of September every year as World Bamboo Day.

Here is what the WBO said about this special day

''World Bamboo Day is a day of celebration to increase the awareness of bamboo globally. Where bamboo grows naturally, bamboo has been a daily element, but its utilization has not always been sustainable due to exploitation. The World Bamboo Organization aims to bring the potential of bamboo to a more elevated exposure – to protect natural resources and the environment, to ensure sustainable utilization, to promote new cultivation of bamboo for new industries in regions around the world, as well as promote traditional uses locally for community economic development.'' [WBO website accessed 01/09/2022]

World Bamboo Day FAQs

When is World Bamboo Day observed?

World Bamboo Day is observed annually on the 18th of September. 

What is the aim of World Bamboo Day?

It aims to raise awareness about the importance of conserving bamboo plants and promote the bamboo industry.

When was World Bamboo Day initiated? 

It was initiated in 2009. 

Which organisation started World Bamboo Day?

It was an initiative of the World Bamboo Organization.

Is bamboo as strong as steel and concrete?

As a construction material, the tensile strength of bamboo is as strong as steel and sturdier than concrete.


How quickly does bamboo grow? 

At Kew Indoor Palm House, the giant bamboos grow grows to 2.4 metres in just 16 days, that's 15 cm per day.

Small Fargesia Bamboo Plants for Landscaping

Small bamboo plants are great undercovers, shade loving and tolerant to frost and drought. They are also the best landscaping plants as they come in different colours.

5 Small Bamboo Plants for landscaping

Here we list 5 awesome miniature bamboo plants that you can use to bring the best out of your garden.

  1. Scabrida Asian Wonder
  2. Fargesia Robusta Wolong
  3. Pleioblastus fortunei Variegata [VIDEO]
  4. Frosty Bamboo Angustissima
  5. Fargesia murielae Bimbo Small Bamboo

The small bamboo plants are ideal for landscaping and undercovers.

They are also fantastic for landscaping and tolerant to extreme variations in weather and soil conditions. Some of these small bamboos are hardy down to – 20 degrees Celsius.

You can see the unique Collection of Small Fargesia Bamboo Plants we feature here, as well as other small Fargesia bamboo plants via this link: Small Bamboo Collection)

Buy Fargesia Bamboo Plants UK

We’ve compiled a list of the reputable Garden retailers in the UK where you can buy the right bamboo at the right price. 

Click on the link to check out the UK Home & Garden retailers selling clumping bamboo plants.

Small Fargesia Bamboo Care

Although Fargesia bamboo plants are tolerant, there is a number of natural threats growers should be mindful of. These threats will affect the overall outlook of the landscape.

Mitigating these early threats is the best thing to do to protect the new growth. 

Some of the common natural threats that affect the growth of Fargesia murielae plants include:

  • New leaves, bamboo shoots and rhizomes tips are susceptible to slug attack;
  • Frozen soil damages the exposed root hairs and rhizomes; and
  • Strong winds damage the tender new culms.
Take action to protect the bamboo plants if/when the need arises. 

How to prepare bamboo canes to use in the garden?

Gardeners and homeowners who have a bamboo grove know that bamboo canes are useful. Always handy to have them in the shed when you need them. 

Bamboo canes bought from the DIY shops or online markets places come ready prepared. You can use them straight away.

8ft tall bamboo sticks for plants UK WILCO Preparing bamboo canes for use in the garden

Buy bamboo canes for pot and garden plants

Here are some possible places to get bamboo canes for plants online or in shops.

Here are some great places where you can get potted bamboo plants.

How to prep bamboo canes for use in the garden?

When pruning or thinning bamboo plants, it is important to cut the canes close to the ground. This will give the new shoots an opportunity to grow well.

Also, you'll get tall bamboo canes that have tough 'bottoms' and can last longer in the soil.

When prepping bamboo canes, always remove the branches and leaves neatly, do not work against the grain. 

Trim the branches using a pair of secateurs or sharp knives. In addition, use a garden rope to tie the bamboo canes (see image) into a bundle.

That way, it's nice and neat as well as light and easy to store and move around when you need them.

5 preps tips for long-lasting bamboo canes

  1. Work out how high you want the plant to grow.
  2. Use a pair of secateurs to cut bamboo canes (cut close to the nodes, careful not to split the bamboos).
  3. Use a digging tool to make holes deep into the pot and push the bamboo canes into the holes.
  4. Compact the soil around the bamboo canes.
  5. Use garden ropes to tie the potted plants to the bamboo canes.
  6. *If you are building a wigwam-climbing frame for the crawling plants like the trellis, follow steps 1 – 4 and use smaller bamboo canes to tie them together)

Cut bamboo canes close to the nodes

Although bamboo canes have a high resistance to rotting, the exposed ends can disintegrate quickly.  

The part of bamboo cane inside the soil will rot when it is exposed to water and moisture. 

However, when cut close to the nodes, it acts as a barrier and can slow down the bamboo cane from rotting quickly.

bamboo canes for plants UK

Avoid splitting bamboo canes

Use a sharp pair of secateurs and do a clean-cut at the bottom of the bamboo canes. 

Avoid splitting the bamboo during cutting. 

Your bamboo canes will last longer, and you'll be able to re-use them for many years if they stay whole.

Be careful not to split the bamboo canes because the splinters are sharp and can cause nasty cuts to exposed skins, too.

All in all, cut the bamboo close to the ground (during pruning) and close to the node before using it to support your plants in the pots.


Bamboo canes great for vines and new plants

The bamboo canes are tall, slender, rounded, tough and strong. They are the perfect support for new plants, vines, beans and garden and pot plants that need stem support.

The bamboo canes will last for many years. You can use and re-use the canes, they are tough, firm and strong. They are also flexible, you can bend them to your liking and create amazing shapes and designs.

In fact, bamboo canes will form a formidable support system if you use ropes to tie the plants to the canes or group them together into wigwam climber frames. 

This has been seen in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and other Asian countries where bamboo canes are used to create stunning garden features.

In the UK, many creative gardeners and homeowners are using bamboo canes to build different support systems for their garden and pot plants.

In addition to their uses in pots and gardens, the canes are great for making frames for climbing plants such as the trellis, beans, grapes and many other vegetative vines.

Uses of bamboo sticks with pictures

Bamboo is an eco-friendly material, you can use it to make a variety of home and garden DIY bamboo projects. 
What are the things you can make out of bamboo? 
In this article, we take a look at 5 things you can make from bamboo sticks by using simple hand tools. Use the pictures and video for clarity.

Bamboo sticks for plants

diy bamboo projects Bamboo sticks in use in pots and patio

Many gardeners and homeowners are using bamboo sticks as stakes because they are tall, strong and blend incredibly well with other plants in the garden. 

There are many fantastic uses of the sticks. One that stands out is staking indoor and outdoor plants. 

The bamboo sticks provide a strong support system for small shrubs, tomatoes, beans, soft fruit and vines. 

You can cut the sticks to length and tie plants along them to provide the support they need to grow. 

Take a look at this article - Uses of Bamboo Sticks DIY projects.

 Bamboo uses

The garden bamboo plants are popular in the UK recently due to their evergreen foliage and hardiness, less prone to disease. 

Bamboos are a tough group of plants. 

They are used extensively in the Asia and South Pacific regions for many purposes, from cooking food to building materials and arts and crafts. 

The uses are limitless! The bamboos are durable, tough and tolerant to bug infestations. 

They are also flexible materials that you can cut, shape and bend to your liking. 

These characteristics are fantastic for DIY arts and craft projects. 

So, use bamboo to create stunning objects for use at home or in the garden.

Video of uses of bamboo sticks

Watch this video to see how we use bamboo sticks in the garden. The bamboo sticks are from our bamboo grove.

How to make bamboo privacy fence from bamboo rolls

Bamboo rolls are quick to set up. They come in various lengths, are durable and can last up to 10 years, even more

bamboo fence screening panels - bamboo fence rolls

Build a bamboo privacy fence

The bamboo fences and rolls are beautiful products. 

You can attach easily to existing fences, or use them as standalone fences with a few 2 x 1 round posts at intervals. 

The fences range from 1 metre to 4 metres with variable widths and lengths. Ask at your local DIY shop if you need extended length.

You may have to cut to fit sections of the fence. Cut carefully so that you do not destroy the wire loop. 

In addition, paint the rolls with stains or fence paints. 
The bamboo privacy screen can last up to 10 years, even more. 
Many gardeners and homeowners prefer the 1.5 metres and 2 metres screening panels/rolls to the taller ones. 

This is because they are well-spaced apart and provide great fence covers.

How to use bamboo fencing rolls

are two common ways to set up bamboo privacy fencing, either attach them to an existing fence or as a standalone structure.

The best bamboo screening privacy panels (including the rolls and splits) must meet the 7 checkpoints discussed in this article. 

In brief, an ideal bamboo fence screening should
  • be treated to protect against wind and weather;
  • cover the designated area or cut to fit perfectly;
  • be well packaged and delivered to the customer; and
  • have strong structural support.

Addition info

If you have a bamboo grove in the garden, you can make a DIY bamboo fence and save money.

10 Bamboo DIY projects with pictures and videos

Start Garden Plants from Seed in Bamboo Propagator

Do you have thick bamboo canes? You can build a nice Bamboo Seed Propagator and grow your plants from seed in it.

Here is a quick guide to building one.

Start Garden Plants from Seed in Bamboo Propagator

Make seed propagator with lids

Seeds tend to germinate well in conditions where the soil is moist and nutrient-rich and the soil temperature is above 10 degrees Celcius. 

The Royal Horticultural  Society (RHS) has a detailed guide for sowing seeds here, RHS Germination Guide, PDF

The lids act as a greenhouse to maintain the temperature and humidity in the bamboo seed pots and trays. This encourages the seed to germinate. 

You can take the lids off when the germinating seeds reach a certain height and transplant them. 

Always put the lid back so that any seeds that remain will have to chance to grow.

DIY bamboo projects - hanging wall planters

Start Garden Plants from Seed in Bamboo Propagator

Wall planters are ideal for putting colours to a dull wall. 

Many of the metal wall planters are great but are also expensive. 

If you want to try a DIY wall hanging plant, making hanging wall planters an ideal option. 

There are two types of hanging wall planters that you can make: 
  • Vertical wall planters and
  • Horizontal wall planters
Take a look at the materials and steps for making the bamboo hanging wall planters

Bamboo art and craft ideas

The video shows how we used bamboo sticks to make a mini raft - see how it goes down the river.

5 bamboo art and craft ideas - storage boxes

Bamboo canes are not only strong material, some have hollow chambers that you can cut out to make simple storage.
Other bamboo plants also have a thick interior which can be carved out to produce cups, storage boxes, and tubes and do 'arty and crafty' things.

DIY bamboo storage box, tube and cup

DIY Bamboo storage box, tube and mug

Bamboos are extremely hollow in the middle, slim and long. 

They are best for storing pencils and pens, toothbrushes and slim many other similar everyday items. 

The cup-like tubes are also best for storing secret documents, paintings and important documents. 

Storage boxes you can make out of bamboo

  • Pencil storage box
  • Water cups or mugs
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste storage.
  • Secret storage box or tube.

Take a look at how to make 5 bamboo storage ideas for the household items that you should know. 

They are incredibly easy to make!

Bamboo garden uses

Bamboo has been used in many gardening hacks, too. Here is a video of how we use bamboo as one of the materials for this box.

10 Bamboo DIY projects with pictures and videos

Balcony Plants in Winter to Summer - Evergreen Bamboo Options

Bamboos are the best plants for balcony privacy. They are evergreen and are great plants for winter through to summer. 

They are undemanding and thrive in confined spaces. 

You can grow them and enjoy the greenery all year round.
Many Bamboo plants are tolerant to different soil types and conditions and that makes it easier to grow. 

Are bamboo plants suitable for balcony privacy?

Finding the best, even better the right, bamboo is what matters the most. 

Use your preferences, and what you expect of the bamboo and the table to find the right bamboo for garden screening.

Other factors to consider are, for example, how high the bamboo should grow and how much space is available for it to spread. 

These important factors have been included in this article, so you will not go wrong when selecting bamboo for balcony privacy

Furthermore, growing bamboo on the hedge as a privacy screen means that you will have to plant the bamboo close to the neighbour’s side. 

All these risk-benefit analyses are important as you choose bamboo for your garden.

Best bamboo plants for balcony privacy

Bamboo plants are a great option because there are many different kinds of bamboos. 

 Here are 5 reasons why bamboos are the best plants for balcony privacy:
  • Undemanding plants.
  • Evergreen and hardy.
  • Grow well in confined spaces.
  • Thrive in large pots and containers.
  • Grow only to a certain height and form an umbrella or arch shape.
Bamboo balcony plants grow are hardy and can withstand low winter temperatures. They do not lose their leaves in autumn, in spring new shoots grow very, and in summer they grow to their maximum height very fast.

They are hardy species, for pictures and other tips, check out this link - bamboo plants for balconies 

Fargesia murielae nitida (Black Pearl, Fountain Bamboo)


Quick links to bamboo plants for privacy and hedging

So, what kind of bamboo is best for privacy? 

Depending on what you like, here are some suggestions of living bamboo plants for creating an ideal privacy space.

In fact, this article is part of the guide. You can download the PDF file - very helpful when selecting bamboos. 

The questions are structured especially for you to eliminate the undesirable bamboo plants, leaving only the best option for you. 
Download the PDF version - Guide for Selecting Garden Hedging Bamboo.

How to select garden bamboo plants for hedging screens

Where to buy bamboo pot plants?

Bamboo plants are great for creating a living screen wall for privacy. 

They come in different heights, sizes and colours. 

Here are reliable UK retailers that sell bamboo plants and get them delivered to you.

The bamboo plants are great options for living balcony screens - they provide natural greenery as well as cover from unsightly features.

Bamboo balcony plants are hardy, they do not lose their leaves in Autumn and survive in winter pretty well. In spring new shoots grow. 

They are one of the 'hardy' evergreen plants.