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Rock garden ideas for small gardens and slopes

A small rock garden could be a standout feature in your rather green area. Create rock gardens to give prominence to areas that do not appear attractive such as slopes.

These types of gardens are low maintenance where low-demanding plants tend to thrive. 

There are many rock garden designs in practice, but here are photos of the stunning plants and planting style used at the Kew Rock Garden in London. They are great inspiration for both small and large rock gardens,

Watch the video and see the images.

Here are some suggestions to consider if you only have a small garden or just wish to transform a tiny portion of your yard into the garden of a rock. 

Here are the 7 ideas you can find in this video:

00:00 Rock Garden Ideas For Small Spaces 00:20 Rock garden with grasses and Bamboo 00:36 Alpine garden with waterfall 00:52 Garden with rockery and alpine plants 01:00 Mediterranean dry garden 01:20 Garden with rockery, pebbles and flowers 01:40 Rock garden with succulents

Rock gardens are an excellent option for small gardens. If you’re looking for an easy-to-maintain garden for small spaces, these ideas will inspire you.

Fargesia Nitida 'Jiuzhaigou' Fountain Bamboo [Red Panda Fargesia Bamboo]

 Fargesia Nitida 'Jiuzhaigou' (commonly known as the Red Panda Fargesia Bamboo) is a clump-forming dwarf bamboo.

The stems of this bamboo emerge green, turn deep red and mature to yellowish-orange. It is known that the change in colours is a response to the amount of light the stems receive.

Unlike the other Fargesias,  Fargesia Nitida 'Jiuzhaigou' requires a good amount of sunlight. 

The clump-forming bamboo thrives in moist well-drained soils. 

When planted in large pots and containers, the soil must be kept moist and nutrient-rich.

Fargesia Nitida 'Jiuzhaigou'

Bamboo Fargesia 'Jiuzhaigou' features

Fargesia nitida 'Jiuzhaigou’ is a hardy bamboo, it grows to an average height of 3 metres and spread 2 metres in clump formation.

  • Identification: Fargesia nitida 'Jiuzhaigou', clump-forming bamboo, dwarf bamboo, Red Panda’ Fargesia.
  • Culms: emerge green, turn red and age to orange.
  • Leaves: dense evergreen foliage.
  • Max Height: 2 - 4 metres.
  • Spread: 1 - 2 metres, non-invasive, clump forming.
  • Winterhardiness: -15 to -20 degrees Celsius.
  • Uses: Ideal for pots and containers, or sites where there is direct sunlight.
  • Care: prefers direct sunlight, and requires good soil and moisture.

Clump-forming bamboo plants for sale

Here is where to buy the clump-forming bamboo plants onlineWe listed some top UK Home and Garden bamboo suppliers like Crocus and YouGarden.

Also, check out Amazon bamboo suppliers.

Best qualities of Fargesia nitida 'Jiuzhaigou’

Spectacular change in the colour of the culms/stems from emerging green to deep red and aged to yellowish orange.

Grow in south facing gardens as it needs sunlight for the best result.

7 Types of Fargesia Nitida Fountain Bamboos

We featured 7 common types of the Nitida group. A spectacular non-invasive bamboo plant, it will not send its shoots away from the parent plant.

The clumps form a dense upright wall to support the ‘fountain’ foliage.

Fargesia nitida is among the stunning Fargesia bamboos in the UK, owing their names to the appearances of the evergreen fountain-like foliage and coloured stems.

Here are four articles packed with informational guides for bamboo growers. 

Click on the links to read about how to propagate bamboo plants.

Is Scottish Bamboo Invasive? [Phyllostachys humilis Small Running Bamboo]

The Scottish Bamboo (Phyllostachys humilis) is a mini running bamboo with lush evergreen foliage forming on the culms from the ground up, an excellent bamboo for hedge and privacy screens. 

This bamboo grows exceptionally well in confined spaces. Commonly used as centrepieces and in Japanese Gardens designs. It's an RHS Merit Award winner for its desirable garden features.

Buy Bamboo Humilis Scottish Bamboo

The Scottish Bamboo Humilis (Phyllostachys Humilis) makes an ideal plant for contained spaces. In fact, it will do well in pots and containers or in small garden spaces.

The tough dense foliage can be pruned and trimmed to give a neat appearance. 

Neatly trimmed, the dense evergreen foliage will form a compacted small screen or hedge, best for small balconies, terraces, boundaries and hedges.

To buy the Scottis bamboo, check out the bamboo suppliers we listed here. Get your bamboo plants from the top UK Home and Garden retailers like Crocus and YouGarden.

Scottish Bamboo or Phyllostachys humilis is a small running bamboo UK

Phyllostachys humilis bamboo features

  • Name/s: Phyllostachys humilis, Scottish Bamboo.
  • Site: Grows well in full sun or partial shade.
  • Soil: Well-drained clay, sand or loam soil.
  • Uses: Privacy screen, pots and containers, grows well in confined spaces.
  • Winterhardiness: Hardy to – 25 degrees Celsius.
  • Height: small bamboo 3 – 5m.
  • Spread: 3m (behaves like clump-forming bamboo in cooler climates)
  • Foliage: Evergreen dense foliage
  • Culm colour: Bright green

Phyllostachys Humilis behaves like clump-forming bamboo

The Phyllostachys humilis is also called the Scottish Bamboo. At 5m, it is small compared to the other Phyllostachys bamboos.

An outstanding small bamboo plant, its green dense foliage starts from the ground up. The slender cluster of outer leaves can be pruned to give a compacted and impenetrable screen.

Although the Scottish Bamboo is a running bamboo, it behaves like clump-forming bamboo in a cooler temperate climate. 

Another running bamboo that behaves like a clump-former is the Black Bamboo Nigra

Scottish Bamboo Care

The Scottish Bamboo is a low-maintenance bamboo, the mature plants are undemanding.

This miniature running bamboo will thrive where there is well-drained loamy soil, high in moisture and nutrient contents. 

Like most bamboo plants in the UK, they do not grow well in compacted soil.

A hardy plant, the Scottish Bamboo can withstand temperatures of – 25 degrees Celsius, but lower temperatures can damage the new shoots and leaves.

Prune Scottish Bamboo hedge and screen

The leaves are rich green in direct sun but turn light green where there is less light. 

For the best result, grow then in areas where there is plenty of light or in part shade. They will struggle to grow where there is heavy shade.

The majority of the Phyllostachys bamboo plants are not tolerant to pruning because of the thinning of the leaves up the culms. 

However, the Phyllostachys Humilis Scottish Bamboo is one of the few bamboos that you can prune to give the best effect.

They are best for screens and garden hedges.

Propagate Scottish Bamboo

Although the Phyllostachys Humilis Scottish Bamboo is a low-maintenance plant, the new growth will require care and attention. 

Slugs can wipe off the fresh leaves in one visit if left unprotected.

If you are propagating bamboo either from the rhizome or culm cuttings or planting a recent purchase, protect the new growths by adding Slug and Snail Killer.

Squirrels are also a threat to the new bamboo shoots. [VIDEO]

Merit Award Winning Bamboo Plants UK

Like the Phyllostachys Humilis Scottish Bamboo, here are other award winners to check out: Merit Award Winners and Chinese Bamboo plants.

Scottish Bamboo or Phyllostachys humilis is a small running bamboo. Like Black bamboo, it behaves like clump-forming bamboo in cooler climates. 

Small Bamboo Plants for Shade

Bamboos are amazing plants, they come in different sizes, shapes and colours. Some are clumping whereas others are running. 

There are small bamboo plants for sale for almost any situation. Some small bamboo plants are best for shade.

Take a look at the best small bamboo plants for shade that thrive in the UK, US, NZ, Canada and Australia - follow the link to identify which one is best for you.

buy small bamboo plants online

Uses of small bamboo plants

Bamboo plants are becoming a popular oriental plant and it’s easy to see why. Bamboos add an oriental touch to your garden and patio. They are hardy and come as either running or clumping bamboo.

Many small bamboo plants are ideal for garden hedges and undercover plants and they can thrive in shades.

In addition, they are undemanding plants and will grow well in the UK climate, great for 

What small bamboo plants to grow?

As gardeners, you’d want an ideal bamboo plant, one that provides the evergreen cover, low maintenance and is fast-growing.

We’ve researched nearly 100 running and clumping bamboos here at Garden Bamboo Plants. The heavy work is cut out for you so that you can use the summarised information to select the right bamboo.

The best thing to do is to check the top garden features of each bamboo and decide what’s ideal. 

To help you, here are Small Bamboo Plants for Shade.

You can buy the bamboos online too, see the UK retailers in the table below.

Best small bamboo plants for sale

Buy the small bamboo plants for sale online from the UK home and garden shops.

Rest assured that when you buy small bamboo plants online, you get the best service from UK-renowned retailers. 

They deliver the highest quality plants that are ready for planting upon arrival. 

You can get Fargesia clumping varieties or Phyllostachys running varieties.

How to select bamboo online

Use the article to find the best small bamboo plants for growing indoors or outdoors. Either way, this information will give you the confidence for growing bamboo and enjoy the greenery for many years.

As mentioned earlier, each article provides the insight you need to select the best small bamboo plants, which thrive in the UK. 

One of the best things listed in each article is the suggestions on how to use each bamboo plant.

Many of these plants have been used successfully as garden hedging and privacy screening plants. 

So check out the uses because it will give you an idea about growing it as garden plants or in pots and containers.

We hope that this article points you in the right direction, where you can find the best small bamboo plants to grow in pots or in the garden.