Bamboo outdoor garden furniture are sustainable

Bamboo home products provide a feeling of warmth and comfort that synthetic products do not give. 

In fact, the demand for bamboo outdoor garden furniture and other home furnishing pieces is growing as many people are looking for eco-friendly alternatives to tree and plastic options. 

What’s more, the bamboo home furniture is strong and durable, ideal for both indoors and outdoors. 

What is some common bamboo furniture for home and garden? Here we take a look at 10 common indoor and outdoor furniture and where you can get them.

bamboo storage shelves and cabinets UK

Bamboo garden furniture

The bamboos are tough raw materials for making furniture. 

Aside from the fine finishes applied to protect the garden and home bamboo furniture, they have natural antibacterial properties that protect them. 

 One thing to mention here is that the bamboo fibre itself, like other raw materials, is not durable. 

But its natural durability and toughness are further enhanced during the manufacturing process through the application of finishes. 

Furthermore, the laminated bamboo strips are stronger than a single oak timber, for example. This means that the garden bamboo furniture is stronger, tougher and more durable.

Bamboo furniture for indoors

  • 1. Vintage bamboo furniture set
  • 2. Bamboo dining table set
  • 3. Bamboo bedside table
  • 4. Bamboo bedframe
  • 5. Bamboo bathmat

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Bamboo furniture is growing in popularity lately as many homeowners realise that there are more stunning options available on the market than it was 5 years ago. 

More than that, bamboos are a highly sustainable raw material for making furniture sets such as Vintage bamboo furniture sets and Bamboo dining table sets. 

Bamboo furniture for the outdoors is also growing in demand due to the fact that they are durable and strong. What’s more, they will last for years with minimal maintenance.

Bamboo outdoor garden furniture

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  • 1. Bamboo Outdoor lanterns
  • 2. Bamboo outdoor chairs
  • 3. Bamboo outdoor sofa
  • 4. Bamboo outdoor furniture set
  • 5. Bamboo lounge

Why choose bamboo furniture for indoors and outdoors?

Bamboos are giant grass plant that grows very quickly. It grows faster than trees and is highly sustainable. 

In addition, there are other reasons why bamboo furniture is a great addition to your home and garden collections.

Tough and durable

Bamboo furniture can withstand the weather and everyday use. 

Its natural hardiness and tolerance to high humidity mean that furniture made from bamboo is tough. 

These properties of bamboo make them an ideal choice for outdoor furniture.

Bambo cricket bats are good alternatives for willow bats due to their durability and versatility.

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Flexible and bendable

They are flexible and bendable.

For this reason, bamboo is used to produce stunning furniture with curves that are hard to achieve with other wooden raw materials. 

Home and furniture designers can create products from bamboo which are unique and stunning like the bamboo bed frame, and outdoor and indoor light shades.

Strong and heavy

Bamboo strength to weight ratio is similar to oak or other hardwoods. However, bamboo splits when laminated to form a formidable layer. 

Bamboo furniture is reasonably stronger and heavier than those made from hardwood timbers. They are firm on the ground and will not wobble like the lighter pieces of furniture do. 

One example of a product that is strong and heavy is the bamboo outdoor furniture set.

Nice and smooth

Bamboo plants grow straight and produce a fine grain. For this reason, bamboo furniture has a nice and soft appearance.

What to know about bamboo furniture?

Gigantochloa verticillate Giant Bamboo

Giant timber bamboos

There are different types of bamboo plants. 

The most common ones used for making furniture are the giant timber bamboo

They are cut, split cleaned and dried. 

After that, the splits are tidied into fine strands and laminated to bamboo beams, panels, ply, veneer, lumber, etc.

General care

Though natural bamboo furniture is tough and durable, exposure to outdoor conditions can damage them. 

So, protect them by using some sort of cover or storing them indoors.

Ocassional maintenance

Bamboo indoor and outdoor furniture will require occasional dusting and maintenance. 

The indoor bamboo furniture will require cleaning with a wet cloth to clean the dust and cobwebs.

Whereas, the outdoor ones will definitely require occasional vanishing to make them look beautiful again.

Outdoor storage

Before buying, it is important to think about where you will keep the furniture during the winter or when they are not in use. 

There is no need to worry if you are going to place them in a designated area outdoor. 

But then, it is better to provide some sort of cover to protect them from the weather when you are not using them.


Bamboo furniture sets are adorable. Their durability, strength and appearance make them the best outdoor and indoor furniture. 

Their presence at home creates an atmosphere of calmness. Above all,  bamboo outdoor garden furniture is made of sustainable material, unlike trees and plastics.

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