Green and Yellow Stem Bamboo Phyllostachys Sulphurea Viridis

Bamboo Phyllostachys Sulphurea Viridis: This running bamboo is also known as the Ougon-kou Chiku or Kou-Chiku bamboo. 
There are two types Robert Young and Houzeua. 
Their culms are green and yellow. The former (Robert Young) has yellow culms with green vertical stripes whereas the latter (Houzeau) is green with contrasting yellow stripes. 

Phyllostachys Sulphurea Viridis is a stunning ornamental plant due to its appearance. 

At 4m average height, this bamboo is a great addition to woodland forests, large gardens and dense garden hedges. It is edible bamboo.


General description

  • Name: Phyllostachys Sulphurea Viridis, Ougon-kou Chiku Bamboo, Kou-Chiku Bamboo
  • Foliage: Evergreen, slender thick leaves.
  • Culm: Green and yellow.
  • Height: 4m, upright.
  • Spread: Running bamboo, invasive.

Growth requirement

  • Site: Part shade to full sun.
  • Soil: Tolerates clay soil.
  • Hardiness: – 17 degrees Celsius, hardy to UK zone 7.
  • Use: Medium garden hedge, container plant, an individual woodland plant, edible – low maintenance bamboo but invasive.

Buy Phyllostachys Bamboos in the UK

The Phyllostachys Sulphurea Viridis has a distinctive upright growing habit and is hardy to -17 degrees Celsius – UK zone 7. 

This bamboo is probably one of the best choices for large pots and thick garden hedges. 

It is also an ideal bamboo for large gardens and woodland forests. Here are some great places where you can buy the Phyllostachys Bamboos in the UK

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Grow bamboo Phyllostachys Sulphurea Viridis (Ougon-kou Chiku Bamboo)

Cultivate in contained spaces

Phyllostachys Sulphurea Viridis can grow to 4 metres, an ideal bamboo for woodlands or large gardens. 

This evergreen bamboo is better planted in a site where visitors can admire the contrasting green and yellow colours. 

Use large heavy-duty container pots to grow this Phyllostachys bamboo. It may not grow to its maximum height and spread when grown in contained spaces. 

New shoots in the second, third and successive years will be reasonably taller than the first shoots. So, do not be surprised if your Phyllostachys Sulphurea Viridis is taller than an average Phyllostachys bamboo in the container pots. 

This running bamboo will definitely require repotting within 3 – 5 years.

Cultivar for large garden and woodland

Phyllostachys Sulphurea Viridis’s evergreen foliage, upright bright stems and arching branches are ideal for thick garden hedge. 

The spectacular green and yellow colours on the large woody stems make this bamboo the ideal candidate for large gardens and woodland forests. 

Perhaps it is important to note that the Phyllostachys Sulphurea Viridis (Ougon-kou Chiku Bamboo ) is an invasive bamboo, therefore building a bamboo barrier prior to planting it in the garden is the best thing to do. 

The Ougon-kou Chiku Bamboo prefers well-drained, moist soil, but has been observed to do reasonably well in clay soils and high pH areas.

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