Fargesia Borinda Angustissima Non-invasive Clumping Bamboo

Fargesia Borinda Angustissima is a highly attractive non-invasive, clump-forming bamboo plant. Its arching culms are covered in beautiful slender green leaves all year round.

Borinda Angustissima is known for its crimson-purple shoots, lime green culms, creamy sheaths and frosty leaves giving it a white powdery appearance. 

Fargesia Angustissima Borinda is a great non-invasive, evergreen, clumping bamboo plant, low maintenance.

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  • Identification: Fargesia murielae Angustissima, Borinda Angustissima, Umbrella Bamboo.
  • Foliage: Green slender leaves.
  • Culm colour: Lime green arching stems.
  • Height: Medium to tall bamboo, 2 - 4m, fast-growing.
  • Spread: 2 – 3, clump-forming, non-spreading bamboo.
  • Uses: Hedge, screen, individual plant, contained spaces.
  • Perennial: 10 -20 years.

Growth requirements

  • Site: Sun to part shade.
  • Soil: loam or sand and clay.
  • Moisture: well-drained moist, do not overwater.
  • Hardiness: - 15 degrees Celsius.
gartenbambus fargesia Angustissima Borinda Non-invasive Clumping Bamboo - Bamboo for sale

Grow Borinda Fargesia murielae Angustissima

Fargesia murielae Angustissima (commonly known as Borinda Angustissima) is a stunning Fargesia Umbrella Bamboo with fine narrow leaves, and lime green arching stems covered with white frosty sheaths.

At 2 -4m, Borinda is of medium height compared to the other Umbrella Bamboo cousins. This clump-forming non-invasive bamboo is best for small hedging and privacy screen.

It also grows well in confined spaces, ideal for small gardens, large pots and containers. A fantastic plant for terraces and patios.

Another cousin of Angustissima is the stunning Fargesia Blue Dragon Papyrifera Borinda.

gartenbambus fargesia Angustissima Borinda Non-invasive Clumping Bamboo - Bamboo for sale

Nurture Fargesia Borinda Angustissima

Although bamboo plants are tolerant, there is a number of natural threats. Mitigating these early threats is the best thing to do to protect the new growth. So, growing bamboo requires care and protection, especially when they are newly planted.

Here are the common dangers:

  • New leaves, shoots and rhizomes tips are susceptible to slug attack.
  • Frozen soil can cause damage to the root hairs and rhizomes.
  • Strong winds can damage the new culms.

Protect Borinda Angustissima Bamboo

To avoid the natural threats to your bamboo plants, do these:

Generally, the bamboo plants thrive in well-aerated loam, or sand and loose clay soil but the older plants will require fertiliser and moisture, at least, once in Spring. Check for new shoots, or whether the leaves and soil are in good condition.

This clump-forming bamboo loves moist soil, but the root hairs will decay very quickly in waterlogged soil.

Propagate Fargesia Borinda Angustissima

There are three ways to propagate bamboo plants:

  • from the seeds, or
  • by culm and rhizome cuttings, or
  • by culm separation.

Some people have successfully used conventional ‘Layering’ as the fourth way to propagate large bamboo. 

However, propagating bamboos from the cuttings and by separation is, by far, the two popular ways many gardeners use in the UK.

If you are propagating bamboo plants either from the rhizome or culm cuttings or planting a recent purchase, protect the new growths. 

Add Slug and Snail Killer around the new plants, the slugs can wipe off the tender growths if left unprotected.

20+ Fargesia Bamboo Varieties

Fargesia murielae Borinda Angustissima is an Umbrella Bamboo similar to the other Fargesia murielae varieties, but with lime-green stems, and powdery white sheaths with a peculiar frosty appearance.

Here is a unique selection of the other stunning Fargesia murielae Bamboo plants under the Umbrella Bamboo label.

  1. Fargesia Standing Stone
  2. Jumbo Umbrella Bamboo
  3. Fargesia Scabrida Asian Wonder
  4. Murielae Simba Umbrella Bamboo
  5. Robusta Campbell Umbrella Bamboo

Grow Invasive or Non-invasive Bamboo Plants

Bamboos are amazing plants. They come in various sizes, shapes, colours, and formations.

Although some varieties (Phyllostachys) are invasive, they are manageable. 

Many varieties thrive in the UK. We list over 50 running and clump-forming bamboo here.

The Fargesia varieties are clump-forming and non-invasive. They form clusters of rigorous stems and base clumps. 

Fargesia Angustissima Borinda is a great non-invasive, evergreen, clumping bamboo plant, low maintenance.

They are best for hedges and privacy screens, pots and containers or grown as a standalone plant.

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