Fast-growing Plants for Shade Year Round

Bamboo screening is a great option for creating a cool and calm area in the garden.

Most bamboo plants are winterhardy and can also tolerate high temperatures and humidity.

The main concern for growing bamboo is the invasiveness of some species. But not all bamboo plants are invasive.

Use the non-invasive bamboo plants to create an ideal shaded area in the garden 

fast growing plants for shade

Non-invasive fast-growing bamboo

Fargesia, a modestly sized, 3-4 metre bamboo that is clump-forming, is an effective way of creating an instant cool corner.

Fargesia murielae and Fargesia robusta bamboo plants come in different sizes, shapes and colours. 

The common Fargesia bamboo plants are Fargesia nuda and Fargesia papyrifera. 

There are, in fact, hundreds of clump-forming bamboo cultivars that you can grow in the garden for shade and not have to worry about spreading. 

We documented over 50 of them here.

Common fast-growing climbing plants

Other shade-giving plants and vines are fast-growing, though most of them are deciduous. They lose their leave in spring.

Create pockets of shade with a trellis and a fast-growing climber like Jasmine Officinale, which also produces the most wonderful scent. 

Other fast growers are passion flowers or evergreen honeysuckle like Copper Beauty.

Grape vines, kiwis, and wisteria are fast growers, too, and look amazing grown up in a pergola.

List of fast-growing shade plants

Grow evergreen Fargesia bamboo for shade all year round or climbers and creepers for shade in summer.

Here is the list of the best fast-growing plants for creating shade.

  • Bamboo plants (evergreen)
  • Jasmine Officinale
  • Passion flowers
  • Copper Beauty (evergreen)
  • Grape vines
  • Kiwis
  • Wisteria
For year-round plants for shade that are fast-growing, choose Fargesia bamboo and Copper Beauty.

The beautiful Secret Garden at Bleinheim Palace, Oxford, UK. Fargesia bamboo plants are featured in this garden for shade.

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