Diagram showing Parts of a Clumping Bamboo Plant


Parts of a clump-forming bamboo

The rhizomes of the clumping bamboos are stout, and thick and grow upwards from the parent plants, also called the Pachymorphs rhizomes. 

Usually, the base culms are much thicker than the stem, compact as they grow upward, forming solid tight clumps. parts of a clumping bamboo Dia: Adapted from Bamboos by C.Recht & M.F. Wetterwald

Importance of knowing the parts of a bamboo

As mentioned earlier, there are many different groups of bamboo cultivars. 

The common bamboos we know in the UK are the clump-forming and running bamboos. 

The running and clumping bamboo plants have different parts which are important when it comes to identifying them. 

This is vital especially when reading material or working with bamboo. 

We hope that this information gives you some ideas about the parts of a bamboo plant.

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