How to make tomato plants produce more fruit?

Want to know the best way to make tomato plants produce more fruit? There is no hidden secret but to encourage the plant to produce more flowers - the more flowers, the more tomato fruit. 

This video shows how we build a bamboo frame for the tomato plants and encourage more flowers. 

How to make tomato plants produce more fruit?

Many factors affect the growth and fruiting of tomato plants. The common factors include soil, temperature, water and weather. 

Come factor we can control, others are natural and we are dependent on them to give us good harvests.

As far as the much-loved tomato plants are concerned, growers need to provide the best condition for the to give more fruit. And, leave the rest to nature to do its bit. 

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Prune tomato plants for more fruit

You can prune tomato plants to produce more fruit. 

Remove the early leaves to channel the energy into the main plant to produce more flowers and more fruit. 

Also, remove the tips so that the tomato plant does not grow too tall, or too short.

Yet, for tomato plants to produce more fruit they must have lots of flowers. And the flowers must be successfully pollinated, either manually or by bees.

How tall can you let tomato plants grow?

But, how can you get the balance between pruning and the height of the tomato plant so that they produce lots of fruit in summer?

It is important to gardeners that more flowers means more fruit. 

Tomato plants flower at different stages. That means that they fruit at different stages, too.

So, if you want more fruit, you'll have to let the tomato flower at 3 or 4 different stages which means that you'll have tall plants that need support.

Build a strong bamboo frame using bamboo sticks to support the tall tomato plants. [SEE VIDEOS]

So, grow your tomato plants early in summer in nutrient-rich soil, grow bags and pots.

Encourage more flowers by not snipping the tips off early. Get the balance between prunning, watering and staking right.

That way, your tomato plants will produce more fruit.

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