Small Fargesia Bamboo Plants for Landscaping

Small bamboo plants are great undercovers, shade loving and tolerant to frost and drought. They are also the best landscaping plants as they come in different colours.

5 Small Bamboo Plants for landscaping

Here we list 5 awesome miniature bamboo plants that you can use to bring the best out of your garden.

  1. Scabrida Asian Wonder
  2. Fargesia Robusta Wolong
  3. Pleioblastus fortunei Variegata [VIDEO]
  4. Frosty Bamboo Angustissima
  5. Fargesia murielae Bimbo Small Bamboo

The small bamboo plants are ideal for landscaping and undercovers.

They are also fantastic for landscaping and tolerant to extreme variations in weather and soil conditions. Some of these small bamboos are hardy down to – 20 degrees Celsius.

You can see the unique Collection of Small Fargesia Bamboo Plants we feature here, as well as other small Fargesia bamboo plants via this link: Small Bamboo Collection)

Buy Fargesia Bamboo Plants UK

We’ve compiled a list of the reputable Garden retailers in the UK where you can buy the right bamboo at the right price. 

Click on the link to check out the UK Home & Garden retailers selling clumping bamboo plants.

Small Fargesia Bamboo Care

Although Fargesia bamboo plants are tolerant, there is a number of natural threats growers should be mindful of. These threats will affect the overall outlook of the landscape.

Mitigating these early threats is the best thing to do to protect the new growth. 

Some of the common natural threats that affect the growth of Fargesia murielae plants include:

  • New leaves, bamboo shoots and rhizomes tips are susceptible to slug attack;
  • Frozen soil damages the exposed root hairs and rhizomes; and
  • Strong winds damage the tender new culms.
Take action to protect the bamboo plants if/when the need arises. 

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