Impatiens Busy Lizzie Grows Well in Shade

Impatiens 'Busy Lizzie' grows well in shade to part-shade and full sun. Impatiens' flowers are vibrant and come in different colours. They are useful for brightening up shady gardens, borders, baskets and containers.

Image credit: Meghan E. White @meghan_e_white/Twitter

Common name: Busy Lizzie

Family name: Impatiens 'New Guinea'

Native to: New Guinea

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Busy Lizzie blooms all year round. 

You can grow it in pots and containers or in the garden. It thrives in areas where there is plenty of water and shade. It will require regular watering when growing in sunny sites.


This colourful plant is low-maintenance. It grows where you plant it until it flowers. Apart from watering, there is little to do in terms of care but to enjoy the bloom.


Impatiens can be propagated from seeds or from stem cuttings. It takes a lot longer to grow them from seeds. If you are patient with the Impatiens, you'll get lots of plants from seeds.

The fastest way to get new plants is by stem cuttings. Choose a non-flowering stem with at least two leaf nodes and make a cut just below a node. 

Propagate the cuttings in water until rooting before planting in holding pots.

Alternatively, propagate the seed and stem cuttings in well-drained moist soil until they germinate.

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