How to cut bamboo canes without splitting

Bamboo canes are fantastic to have around. You can grow new plants for the canes or use them as sticks in the garden. 

They have many uses, yet care should be taken when preparing them as the splinters and slits can cause injuries to the exposed skin.

Find out how to cut bamboo canes without splitting.

how to cut bamboo canes without splitting

What is the right cane to take cuttings?

Young cane cuttings are not the best to propagate because they will not germinate. This is the same for the canes that are 5 years or older.

Choose healthy canes with new branches and fully grown leaves. Ideally, the canes that are 3 - 4 years old. They have the energy to grow into new plants when planted.

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How to cut bamboo canes

You can grow both the running and clump-forming bamboo plants from the cuttings. 

Prepare the canes

  • Select bamboo stems that are 3 - 4 years old with a diameter of at least 2 cm.
  • Always cut the canes (stems) at 45 degrees with a hacksaw. Allow for two cane nodes and one internode.
  • Put the cuttings in water or shape to keep them fresh.

Plant the canes

  • Plant the cuttings in designated pots or in nutrient-rich soil, away from direct sun. Cover the nodes of the new cuttings with soil and mulch.
  • Leave the top of the cuttings covered, free from any soil or mulch.

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Tools for cutting bamboo canes

You will need a handsaw to cut the bamboo canes neatly. Check that you have these tools, or their equivalent, ready.

  • A hacksaw, 
  • Pair of secateurs or garden loopers.
  • A Sharp knife
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Care should be taken when cutting bamboo canes. The new splits and edges are razor-sharp. A cut to the skin can be nasty.

Take care when cutting bamboo canes

The bamboos have tough rhizomes (underground stems) and canes (stems). 

The cuttings are likely to lacerate exposed skins. Take extra care when cutting them.

  • Caution: The hardy splinters and edges of the bamboo stems are razor sharp.
  • Cut to the exposed skin is highly likely.
  • Care should be taken when cutting the bamboo stems and rhizomes.

Hope this article gives you an idea about how to cut bamboo canes without splitting. 
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