Anthurium Plant Flamingo Flower

Anthurium plant is an epiphyte that thrives in rich organic humus, moisture and shade which is why it's one of the best shade plants to grow. 

This plant is undemanding and requires less care, it does not necessarily need soil to grow.

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Common name: Anthurium

Other namesFlamingo Flower, Tail Flower, Painted Tongue Plant, Bird's Nest Anthurium, Water Dragon Anthurium, Bird's Nest Anthurium

Native to: South America

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Anthurium Plant shade or sun

Anthurium plant thrives in shade and part shade. They love natural light, but direct sunlight will kill the leaves and flowers.

A flowering Anthurium plant will need a good dose of bright, indirect light. 

New plants will thrive in low light, but plants flowering must be moved to a location where there is at least 4 - 6 hours of natural light. 

Low light will dull the colour of the flowers.

Varieties of Anthurium flowers

White flowering Anthurium

 Anthurium 'White Champion' is a fantastic variation of the common red Anthurium flowers. It is one cultivar that will make your friends go... 'WOW-I-didn't-know-there's-white-anthurium' 

Red flowering Anthurium

Anthurium Red Champion produces dark luscious flowers. The Flamingo flowers are great if you want to add a bright splash of colour to any indoor room.

Pink flowering Anthurium

Anthurium 'Pink Champion' has bright pink flowers that contrast beautifully with the shiny leaves. This is an Anthurium cultivar that resembles a pink flamingo. 

Yellow flowering Anthurium

Anthurium 'Vanilla Champion' has creamy yellow and green flowerheads, each with a distinctive yellow 'tail', top the slender upright stems that rise above the large and lustrous leaves.

Anthurium plants in water

The Anthurium Flamingo Flowers thrive in moist areas. Water thoroughly when soil, bark or the growing medium is dry. 

The large leaves and flowers mean a high rate of transpiration, so where there is more light, more water will need. So water regularly.

Anthurium leaves yellowing 

Yellowing of the leaves is a sign of stress caused by a lack of moisture, overwatering or cold. A combination of all three factors can decimate the plant.

Also, Anthurium plant requires good potting compost or soil consisting of bark and perlite or peat moss. 

If Anthurium leaves turn yellow, spray the leaves with water every now and then. And keep them moist and warm.

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