Rock garden ideas for small gardens and slopes

A small rock garden could be a standout feature in your rather green area. Create rock gardens to give prominence to areas that do not appear attractive such as slopes.

These types of gardens are low maintenance where low-demanding plants tend to thrive. 

There are many rock garden designs in practice, but here are photos of the stunning plants and planting style used at the Kew Rock Garden in London. They are great inspiration for both small and large rock gardens,

Watch the video and see the images.

Here are some suggestions to consider if you only have a small garden or just wish to transform a tiny portion of your yard into the garden of a rock. 

Here are the 7 ideas you can find in this video:

00:00 Rock Garden Ideas For Small Spaces 00:20 Rock garden with grasses and Bamboo 00:36 Alpine garden with waterfall 00:52 Garden with rockery and alpine plants 01:00 Mediterranean dry garden 01:20 Garden with rockery, pebbles and flowers 01:40 Rock garden with succulents

Rock gardens are an excellent option for small gardens. If you’re looking for an easy-to-maintain garden for small spaces, these ideas will inspire you.

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