Sweet Peas bamboo stakes and trellis netting

The wonderful thing about Sweet Pea flowers is that you must cut them to get more back! It’s an endless supply of flowers for your home over the spring and summer. They also need little space to grow 2 metres tall! Can be grown in containers. Plus the seeds are cheap!

The vining sweet peas are more rewarding and their longer flower stalks are perfect for flower arrangements. 

Sweet Peas bamboo stakes best for tall plants - buy bamboo sticks UK

Sweet peas bamboo stakes

You can also plant sweet peas in containers to adorn your sunny balcony or patio. Here, you will need bamboo stakes or some sort of trellising to direct vertical growth. 

Sweet Peas and bamboo sticks are a match made in heaven.

Sweet peas trellis netting

Trellis netting is also an option regardless of where your sweet peas are planted. 

If you want to do yourself a favour and give your family a gift, procure a few packets of sweet pea (Lathyrus odoratus) seeds.

For an investment of a few dollars, you will have sweet pea flowers for many months. Flower colours include every sort of pink, red, burgundy, bronze, blue, lavender, lilac, pink, and white. 

Sweet pea seeds

An added bonus of sweet peas is their seeds, which are easily harvested from brown pods produced next spring or summer. Furthermore, sweet pea seeds are easy to plant owing to their large size. 

In the manner of all large seeds, however, soak them in water prior to planting for 24 hours or germination may be inhibited. 

Sweet peas flowering

When the plants begin to bloom in late winter or early spring, remove flowers as soon as they fade to keep your sweet peas flowering. 

Are sweet peas toxic?

Sweet peas seeds are not edible. 

Removing the flowers will prevent sweet pea seeds from forming which are toxic, even if it means you will have to forego the harvest of seeds for next year’s planting.

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