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5 evergreen garden plants for shade

Most plants require light to grow, that is why they may not do well in heavily shaded areas. But, there are some exceptional plants that thrive in shaded sites. 

The 5 plants we cover in this article are popular shade-loving plants because they tend to adapt exceptionally well to different shaded sites. They are evergreen and long-lasting. 
If you are looking for evergreen shade plants to grow in pots or in the garden, you’ll love these 5 plants.

Bamboo plants for shade

evergreen plants for shade
There are different cultivars of bamboo plants, grouped into running and clumping varieties. They are hardy and extremely tolerant to shade. This is because most bamboos are native to subtropical and tropical Asia and the Pacific. 

Bamboo plants usually grow under the forest canopy where there is little or no light.

Many garden bamboo cultivars in the UK and the US display this feature prominently, which makes bamboo one of the top shape-loving plants. 

Also, the small bamboo cultivars are best planted as ground covers. 

Here are some suggestions of bamboo that thrive in shaded areas, and small variegated bamboos to use as ground covers. 

Caution: The running bamboos will spread. Always use a bamboo barrier when growing them in the garden. Alternatively, grow them in pots or containers.


Sarcococca (Christmas box)

Sarcococca, also known as the Christmas box, is a dense evergreen shrub.

Sarcococca, also known as the Christmas box, is a dense evergreen shrub.

It bears sweet-scented white flowers in winter. 

The contrasting white flowers with dark green leaves are adorable. The flowers attract bees and butterflies.

This flowering shrub is extremely shade-loving and drought tolerant, a fantastic undercover plant.

Buddleia (Butterfly bush)
Buddleia, also known as the Butterfly bush.

Buddleia, also known as the Butterfly bush. 

This beautiful sweet-scented shrub has cultivars that are evergreen, semi-evergreen and deciduous. They adapt extremely well to shade and dry soils. 

You can trim the branches to give a lush bush. Buddleia is a popular flowering plant for attracting bees and butterflies to your garden.

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Viburnum tinus

Viburnum tinus is a dense, evergreen shrub

Viburnum tinus is a dense, evergreen shrub that also grows well in shade. It has dark, glossy leaves. 

The leaves contrast beautifully with the clusters of small pinkish-white flowers. 

They appear throughout the winter and spring. It is a popular flowering shrub because it is easy to grow and adds greenery to the garden throughout the year. 

You can use this beautiful plant for ground cover or hedging.

Ceanothus (Californian Lilac)

Ceanothus (Californian Lilac)

Ceanothus, also called Californian Lilac, is an evergreen flowering shrub. 

This beautiful plant has scented flowers that appear late in spring through to summer. 

It can grow in shade to part shade, adaptable and hardy – a fantastic shade hedging plant.

Apart from bamboo, which is grass, the other shade-loving plants are shrubs with beautifully scented flowers. In fact, they are bees and butterfly ‘magnets’.
All in all, if you want to grow a shade-loving plant, these 5 plants will not disappoint.

5 Phyllostachys Bamboo for Shade

 The two common types of bamboo plants are clumping bamboo and running bamboo. Each variety has more than 20 varieties that grow well in the UK. 

Garden Bamboo Plants online archive contains a comprehensive collection of these bamboo plants. 

Discover over 100 bamboo collections at the GBP blog (Fargesia & Phyllostachys) and GBP website (Fargesia & Phyllostachys).

The top 5 running bamboo plants according to popularity are listed below.

Pleioblastus viridistriatus UK
Pleioblastus viridistriatus [Small variegated bamboo, best for low hedges]


How to know the bamboo that is suitable for you

To know the bamboo that is suitable for you, it is important to know the different varieties. Many bamboos are invasive, others prefer shade and are better suited to pots and containers, whereas some are best as outdoor plants.

Here are five Phyllostachys bamboo plants that are ideal for growing in gardens and pots, all year round in the UK. (Note: We identified these bamboos based on the number of Google search interests).

5 stunning Phyllostachys bamboo plants

Phyllostachys vivax Aureocaulis

Also called the Golden Chinese Timber Bamboo is a pretty impressive Phyllostachys bamboo you can grow in the UK. 

Its peculiar yellow canes change colours from bright yellow to golden yellow with lustrous green stripes.

Pleioblastus viridistriatus 

This variegated bamboo is a fast-growing, dwarf-Phyllostachys bamboo with green stripes. 

This hardy small ornamental bamboo grows to a maximum of a metre. Ideal for sun, part shade and shaded locations.

Phyllostachys flexuosa 

Also called the Sinuate Bamboo is an evergreen, Phyllostachys bamboo with arching leaves and short stems.

It grows up to 2 metres in height and tolerates shade, part-shade and sun. 

It will grow well in pots and containers, however, it may require repotting after 2 – 3 years.

Semiarundinaria fastuosa 

Also called the Narihira Bamboo is a running bamboo that can grow up to 7m in height and spread over a diameter of 3 – 4m in its natural habitat. 

Grow in pots and containers to contain spreading. It requires repotting after 2 – 4 years. 

It has long stems and thick foliage, ideal for privacy screening.

Sasa veitchii (Kuma-zasa) 

Sasa has broad leaves and small plants with running rhizomes. It grows well in heavily shaded areas. 

Its compact size makes them a good choice for growing in pots and containers but beware that the running roots spread quite fast. 

Use large pots and root barriers to grow this bamboo.

Phyllostachys bamboo for sale UK

 Bamboo root barrier, UK

Some varieties of Phyllostachys bamboo can also grow perfectly in shade and in pots and containers

However, most Phyllostachys running bamboo plants are tall and their rhizomes spread far and wide.

Use large pots and containers when growing them. Also, avoid putting the tall bamboo in windy locations.

We hope this article inspires you to grow your own Bamboo plant in the garden and enjoy the beauty of this amazing plant.