Build raised beds bamboo root barriers

Building raised beds as bamboo root barriers is a common method for stopping bamboo plants from spreading. 

Bamboo roots, rhizomes and base buds do not grow deep into the soil. They form an intricate root network that is often tough, compacted and solid. 

Raised beds are an effective way to elevate the rooting layer and spot the rhizomes (especially in running bamboos) as they spread and trim them. 

how to build a raised bed for bamboo plants
Picture Credit: Walnut Kitchen Garden

For clumping bamboos, raised beds are perfect because they enable you to see the new base buds, nodes and culms which make it easy to thin the bamboo when they expand out of the beds. 

Building raised beds does not have to cost a lot of money. 

You can use the solid materials that you already have such as patio slabs, rocks, bricks, treated timber or any solid material you find in the shed.

Not often do the roots of the common bamboo cultivars in the UK penetrate the soil deeper than half a metre. 

So, a raised bed elevated at 50cm could be just enough to act as a barrier for growing both the running bamboo as well as the clumping bamboo.

5 Ways to Create Bamboo Root Barriers

Bamboo root barriers are vital for containing invasive bamboo plants. 

We present 5 methods for stopping invasive bamboo plants so that you can choose what is best for you.

Where to buy root barriers for bamboo in the UK?

We would recommend using the tough plastic bamboo root barrier when planting the running bamboo plants. 

Also, it is a good practice to use root barriers when planting the Giant Timber Bamboo Plants and Phyllostachys varieties.

Here is a list of renowned UK retailers where you can get the recommended root barriers and bamboo care and maintenance accessories from.

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