Grow bamboo in pots and containers, effective root barriers

Pots and containers are perfect bamboo root barriers. They are often the preferred medium for growing bamboos for small spaces and hedging screens

Best of all, once you’ve planted bamboo in the pots and containers they’ll grow for years without having to worry about the bamboo invading other spaces. 
Note that bamboo plants do not like waterlogged and dry soils. Choose heavy-duty pots and containers that have well-drained bottoms.

The underground parts of bamboos such as the rhizomes, base buds and roots will quickly occupy the spaces in the containers. 

These are the common shortfalls of growing bamboos in pots and containers, but they are the best solutions for growing the running bamboos for privacy screens, garden hedging and for small outdoor spaces. 

You can still grow bamboo in pots and containers and enjoy them. So, ensure the soil remains well-aerated, moist and well-drained. This will keep the bamboo happy, and they’ll thrive for many years. 

Here are practical tips based on our experiences over the years and provide practical solutions to many problems bamboo growers face when planting bamboo in contained spaces.

5 Ways to Create Bamboo Root Barriers

Bamboo root barriers are vital for containing invasive bamboo plants. 

We present 5 methods for stopping invasive bamboo plants so that you can choose what is best for you.

Where to buy root barriers for bamboo in the UK?

We would recommend using the tough plastic bamboo root barrier when planting the running bamboo plants. 

Also, it is a good practice to use root barriers when planting the Giant Timber Bamboo Plants and Phyllostachys varieties.

Here is a list of renowned UK retailers where you can get the recommended root barriers and bamboo care and maintenance accessories from.

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