3 Best Running and Clump-forming Bamboo Plants to Grow

Do you know they're running and clumping black bamboos that thrive in the UK? These black bamboos, including the Nigra, tend to exhibit dark ebony stem colouration.

The options for choosing running and clumping black bamboos are many, but here are 3 best running and clumping bamboo you can grow in pots or in the garden.

black bamboo plants for sale

Running black bamboo plants

The common black bamboo is the elegant Phyllostachys Nigra

It has distinction black ebony culms (canes/stems) that identify it as the common ‘Black Bamboo’ with running rhizomes and slender green leaves.

This running bamboo is awarded the RHS merit for its unique features. The RHS described it as

one of the most elegant bamboos, with polished, damson-black mature canes and dark green leaves.’

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Clump-forming black bamboo plants

Another black bamboo is the Black Pearl Fountain Bamboo. Black Pearl is a spectacular fountain bamboo of the Fargesia nitida group with purply black culms and overarching green foliage, non-invasive.

The third black bamboo is Fargesia nitida ‘Volcano’. It is a stunning, non-invasive bamboo, with a reddish-black cane (culm) and brown sheath that forms a beautiful contrast between the dense green leaves.

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Are the black bamboo plants invasive?

The three bamboos are ideal pot and garden plants. These bamboo plants will thrive under the right conditions in the UK.

Black Bamboo Nigra:

The Phyllostachys nigra is an invasive and tall running bamboo. The black bamboo can grow to 6m, and is upright with arching evergreen foliage.

However, in the cooler temperate conditions (and in pots the Black Bamboo Nigra) may not behave like a running bamboo. 

It often shows the features of the clumping bamboo by forming tight clumps.

Black Bamboo nigra Black Bamboo Phyllostachys nigra

More information about here>> Black Bamboo Nigra. You can also check out the names-links for a detailed insight into each type of black bamboo.

Black Pearl: 

Fargasia nitida Murielae ‘Black Pearl’ is an outstanding black bamboo from the clumping variety with an arching cane that can grow to 4m in height. 

It is a non-invasive, medium bamboo.

Black Pearl Bamboo UK Black Pearl (Culms appear ebony black in sun)

Fargesia nitida ‘Volcano’: 

‘Fargesia Volcano’ is also a stunning clumping bamboo that has shades of black on its canes that can grow to 2m in height. 

It is a non-invasive, small bamboo.

Fargesia nitida volcanoe Purply-reddish to dark black culm when matured

What are the common uses of Black Bamboo?

  • Outdoor privacy screen
  • Garden hedging screen
  • Pot and container plants

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