What Bamboo Plants Can You Grow In Pots for Outdoors and Indoors?

The common running and clumping bamboo plants in the UK will grow well in large planters. Many bamboo cultivators of both bamboo kinds are notable for their tolerance to small spaces.

In fact, bamboo plants are low demanding, hardy and drought resistant.

They are great plants to grow in pots, containers and plants indoors and outdoors. 

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What bamboo to grow in pots UK

Many bamboo growers have opted to go for the clumping bamboo. 

But there are also great running bamboo that you can grow as pot plants for privacy screening the balcony, porch, deck or patio.

Notably, the small to medium bamboos are great pot and container plants. 

The small to medium bamboo plants range from a height of 2 metres to 6 metres. 

We have featured the popular bamboo plants in the UK here: Small Bamboo and Medium Bamboo Plants.

How to grow bamboo in pot and container planters?

In the case where you decide to keep the bamboo plants, here is what you can do to repot them into larger pots or additional containers.

  • Separate the plant into even clumps, careful not to destroy the root hairs and or rhizomes.
  • Prune the old culms (canes/stems), leaves, and excess roots.
  • Select a good (open-top & stable) pot or container planter.
  • Lay the base with porous sheets, pebbles or gravel.
  • Fill the pot with a 50/50 potting mixture or loam soil.
  • Put the bamboo into the pot, compact the soil into the pot leaving 10cm to 15cm space at the top.
  • Add mulch,
  • Water generously.

To separate the bamboo, you’ll need the right tools. 

An electrical saw is the best tool to separate the bamboo. However, a hacksaw is an ideal hand tool to use when separating the bamboo for replanting. 

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