Best way to grow bamboo plants

 Bamboo plants are great shade plants. They are also undemanding, shade and drought tolerant. Some varieties are invasive whereas the others are non-invasive. 

The best way to grow bamboo plants is in pots and containers.

best way to grow bamboo plants

Grow healthy bamboo plants in pots?

The new bamboo in pot and container planters will need the right amount of water and attention in Spring as the roots start to develop.

Pay extra attention when planting the bamboo cuttings in late Spring or early Summer as they will need water every other day to support the new growths.

Mulching is highly recommended at this stage too, as it will help to retain moisture in the soil or in the pots and containers.

For the older bamboo plants, you will have to add NPK fertilisers, fresh organic mulch and water to keep them happy.

The best way to check for moisture in the soil is to dig out a layer of soil to a depth of 5cm. It is an effective way to inspect the soil for moisture content. 

The soil in the pots and containers should be nice and moist, not too dry or too wet.

If it gets too cold in Winter, move the plant into a sheltered area like the garage, patio or veranda to keep them warm and safe from the chill and wind. 

Add more mulch or grass cutting to provide the added layer and heat.

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Bamboo plants in pots, undemanding

Growing bamboo in pot and container planter boxes for privacy screening might seem like hard work, but frankly, it's not. 

These stunning plants, like other privacy and hedging plants, will need just the right attention to thrive in contained spaces.

The bamboo plants require watering, feeding and mulching. They’ll also demand separation and repotting. 

Generally, bamboo plants will thrive in container planters for 5 – 10 years. All the while, producing the evergreen foliage and providing natural privacy screens.

The benefits of growing bamboo in planters outweigh the cons. In fact, it is less demanding compared to growing bamboo plants for hedging in the garden

Bamboo growers do not have to worry about the plant invading the neighbour’s side or creeping into the garden. 

Effectively, the running and spreading habits are confined within the growing container.

The best way to grow bamboo is in pots and containers as they act as root barriers and stop rhizomes from spreading.

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