Brunnera macrophylla Shade-loving Plant

Plants that grow in shade are a bonus in the garden. One of these spectacular plants is the Brunnera macrophylla, aka Perennial Forget-Me-Not or Siberian Bugloss. 

It produces bright blue flowers atop broad green leaves. A fantastic shade plant that will bring out the best in any dark corner.

A wonderful blue for spring.

Plant for shade Brunnera macrophylla, aka Perennial Forget-Me-Not or Siberian Bugloss

Common name/s: Perennial Forget-Me-Not, Siberian Bugloss

Family name: Brunnera macrophylla

Native to: Asia, Europe

Buy: Siberian Bugloss

This perennial flower is a low-maintenance plant, a good replacement for plants that are prone to slugs, bugs and diseases in spring as they are resilient plants.

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