Black Bat Flower Tacca Chantrieri Shade-loving Plants

Tacca chantrieri, the black bat flower, is a tropical plant that grows well in shade. The flowers are somewhat bat-shaped and have long 'whiskers'.

Black Bat Flower Tacca Chantrieri Grows well in shade

Tacca chantrieri (Dioscoreaceae) or 'Bat Flower' 

Common Names: Black Bat Flower, Cat's whiskers, Devil's flower

Family Name: Dioscoreaceae

Native to: Southeast Asia


The 15 species of Tacca chantrieri (Dioscoreaceae) or 'Bat Flower' range in form and colour, thought to have originated in Malaysia.

The 'whiskers' of the flowers are called bracteoles, which are thought to have evolved to resemble rotting organic matter to aid pollination, but some botanists thought it is a self-pollinated plant. 

The reason for these unsual whiskers is not clear.

Shade-loving plant

The bat plants are an excellent addition to any Gothic and tropical gardens, indoors, or as an understory plant where the area is heavily shaded.

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