Clump-forming Bamboo Plants UK

We featured over 50 clumping bamboos on Garden Bamboo Plants (G.B.P.) and wrote numerous articles detailing their:

  • uses & qualities;
  • growing conditions & growth requirements; and
  • care & maintenance.
This article features both the clumping and running bamboos that are common in the UK. 

We can reliably say that there are over 50 common clumping bamboos that can grow well in the UK, including the US and Australia.

clump-forming bamboo plants UK

Pros and cons of growing clumping bamboo

Generally, there are lots of good stories about growing clumping bamboos in the garden or in pots. 

Also, many bamboo growers like clumping bamboos because they are great for garden hedging and privacy screening. 

Their clumping habit makes them the ideal choice for growing in small and contained spaces like balconies, terraces and apartments. 

The clumping bamboos will demand care and attention, either as new plants or in Spring when the new growths are prominent. 

Also, the mature bamboo plants can be difficult to remove when they expand out of the allocated space, or if left unchecked for 2 to 3 years. 

The growing habits of these bamboos indicate that the pros of growing them definitely outweigh the cons. 

Clump-forming bamboo habits

Look closely at the parts that are underground, especially the areas around the clumps. 

The clump base of clump-forming bamboo plants, as the name suggests, is stout and compacted, unlike the running bamboo plants that have elongated rhizomes (underground stems).

The clump-forming bamboo is extensively characterised by the behaviour of its rhizomes. 
Alternatively, here is an article that gives a clear comparison of the parts of clumping vs running bamboo


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