Is black bamboo running or clumping?

Phyllostachys nigra black bamboo, commonly called the Black Bamboo, is an invasive bamboo but also behaves like a clumping bamboo in a cooler climate. 

This running bamboo can spread quickly if left unchecked. Such occurrence shows that some of the common bamboo species can be tricky to identify if you do not pay close attention to the rhizome formations. 

It is difficult to tell running bamboo from the clumping bamboo just by looking at its appearance. The best way to identify bamboo is by closer inspection. Check out the two articles to help you identify bamboos like a pro:
Black Bamboo Plants UK Phyllostachys nigra running bamboos, but can behave like clumping bamboos.

Is black bamboo running or clumping?

Black bamboo is running bamboo. 

It is an invasive variety and will spread quickly. 

Always use a root barrier to grow black bamboo plants. Or grow them in heavy-duty pots and containers.

Buying black bamboo plants

Bamboo plants from garden shops and online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon have clear labels. 
We made a list of UK home and garden retailers that have black bamboo for sales - suggest checking these renowned UK garden shops. 
This makes it easy to buy bamboo. However, mix-ups are likely when buying bamboo plants online and also in stores. 

Whether you are buying bamboo seeds or potted bamboo plants, it is always the right thing to read the labels properly. 

Also, read the reviews and plant descriptions before making a purchase. 

Click here to check out the collection of Clumping and Running bamboo plants from the Home & Garden retailers in the UK.

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