How close to the boundary can you grow bamboo plants?

Bamboo plants are great because they are fast-growing and beautiful natural plants.

They are also invasive, but not all bamboo plants do spread. We advocate for bamboo root/rhizome barriers when growing the running bamboo plants.

Here are some tough questions that you should ask when growing bamboo along the boundaries and build-up areas.

growing bamboo dispute with neighbours


How close to the pavement to grow screening bamboo?

Careful when growing privacy screening bamboo near patios and pavements. 

The patios and pavements laid with sand do not stand a chance against the rhizome’s tips. The tips will invade the tiny gaps and force their way through the pavement blocks.

Choose a suitable clumping bamboo to plant near patios and pathways. 

If you choose running bamboo, create a barrier. Alternatively, dig a small trench or a raised base (bed) to protect the pavement.

How far away from the neighbour’s side to grow bamboo?

Grow the bamboo in a barrier and at least a metre away from the boundary. This ‘one-metre’ space provides Access Way to the bamboo plants and will help you to monitor the growth of the new shoots and rhizome tips.

The key point is that the Access Way helps you to spot and stop running rhizomes and shoots growing into the neighbour’s side. In other words, leave a gap between the boundary and where you chose to plant the bamboo.

If you wish to grow a bamboo privacy screen close to the boundary, use a raised base (bed) or dig a narrow trench to stop the bamboo from creeping onto your neighbour’s side.

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Readers' note: This article is so long that we split it into several parts. Here are the related parts that you may also like to read:

Solve Bamboo Problems with ‘Access Way’

Many people want to grow bamboo, but they fear it might spread uncontrollably.

Reassuringly, there is no need to worry if you want a quick result for a bamboo screen. Try to understand how a bamboo plant grows and use the 4 tips to grow healthy bamboo plants.

The tips are based on our experience dealing with running bamboo plants growing along the boarder. They are effective in keeping the rhizomes from spreading. 

  • Create an ‘Access Way’: The hedging bamboo plants are controllable if you create an ‘Access Way’. The access will enable you to monitor the new growths that are not behaving.
  • Trim the new shoots: Trim the new bamboo shoots close to the ground, usually in Spring, when the new plants are germinating. (You will need the access way to monitor the new shoots).
  • Control the new rhizome tips: To stop the running bamboo rhizomes from misbehaving, dig the new rhizome tips and remove them, immediately.
  • Selective pruning: This applies to both the running and clumping bamboo where you can remove the old culms to promote new growth. You can also direct the new growth into the foliage to create a dense hedge.  the video of our work running bamboo. We tie back the Phyllostachys aureosulcata Spectabilis and create a dense hedging screen)

Importantly, without any access to the hedging bamboo screen, it is going to be hard to control them as they grow. 

Here are some suggestions and care tips that will help you with your choice of bamboo covers.

How close to the neighbour's side should you grow bamboo plants? How these questions and answers with tips will help to avoid any potential neighbour's dispute.

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