Fargesia nitida ‘Pillar’ [Chinese Fountain Bamboo]

Fargesia nitida ‘Pillar’, the Chinese Fountain Bamboo, has beautiful slender evergreen foliage. It has tight upright stems that go from green to deep dark purple when matured and arched at the tops. 

In the dry season, water well or apply mulch and organic composts.

Qualities of Fargesia nitida ‘Pillar’: Deep dark green leaves and tall slender clums, prefers shade, ideal for large pots and containers.

Fargesia nitida ‘Pillar’

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Bamboo Fargesia ‘Pillar’ features

  • Name/s: Fargesia nitida ‘Pillar’, Chinese Fountain Bamboo.
  • Culms: upright, green turning deep purple almost black.
  • Leaves: slender, evergreen dense foliage.
  • Max. Height: 2 - 3 metres.
  • Max. Spread: 1 - 2 metres, non-invasive, clump-forming.
  • Winterhardiness: - 20 to - 25 degrees Celsius.
  • Uses: single plant, pots and containers, shade plants
  • Care: tolerant of shade, water well in the dry season, requires good soils and moisture.
Some bamboo with similar features are Fargesia rufa, Fargesia nitida gansu and Fargesia nitida 'Black Pearl. Check this list for all the Fargesias.

How to grow fountain bamboo?

The Chinese Fountain Bamboo, Fargesia nitida ‘Pillar’, can grow 3 metres high and is extremely winterhardy –20 degrees Celsius.

It is bamboo is highly tolerant of shade, making it the best plant for containers and pots, undergrowth and small gardens.

It does not like compacted chalky soil and dry areas.

Use this clump-forming bamboo for screening shady spots. It also grows well in large pots and containers.

Types of Fargesia Nitida Bamboo plants

We featured 7 common types of the Nitida group. A spectacular non-invasive bamboo plant, it will not send its shoots away from the parent plant.

The clumps form a dense upright wall to support the ‘fountain’ foliage.

Fargesia nitida fountain bamboo plant is among the stunning Fargesia bamboos in the UK, owing their names to the appearances of the evergreen fountain-like foliage and coloured stems.

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