Fargesia Nitida Bamboo Viking [Clump-forming Bamboo]

 Fargesia nitida Viking is a hybrid bamboo, a cross between Fargesia nitida and murielae. 

This elegant hybrid clump-forming bamboo is non-invasive, it does not need a barrier because of its tight clump-forming nature.

Fargesia nitida Viking hybrid Fargesia nitida and murielae.

Best qualities of Fargesia nitida 'Viking’

Perfect for small gardens and pots or containers or grown as a single plant. It prefers partially shaded sites with higher humidity.

Like other Fargesia bamboos, the bamboo 'Viking' will thrive in nutrient-rich soil and where there is good moisture.

The foliage and edges can be pruned to give a compacted evergreen hedge, stunning purple to green stems and non-invasive

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Growth features

  • Name: Fargesia nitida 'Viking'.
  • Culms: purple to green canes.
  • Leaves: slender, dark green, evergreen.
  • Max. Height: 2-4 metres.
  • Spread: Grow out of the base clump, non-invasive.
  • Winterhardiness: - 25 degrees Celsius.
  • Uses: Versatile plant- screens, hedges, ornamental, pot, etc.
  • Site: Part-shade – south-facing, sunny, good moisture.

Benefits of Growing Fargesia Nitida Bamboo

The Chinese Fountain Bamboo plants are great for part-shade and sunny areas.

This exotic Chinese bamboo is also good for screening, creating an evergreen backdrop or growing along an elevated site, but preferably in part-shaded areas.

Create an exotic bamboo garden 

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