How to kill bamboo 3 ways [vinegar, hot water and burn]

At a pH of 2.4, distilled white vinegar is a pretty strong acid. It can kill the bamboo’s new shoots and rhizomes tips if applied directly. 

The steps are the same as using hot water but instead using white vinegar.

  • Use the pair of garden loppers to cut the bamboo stems close to the ground. 
  • Dig around the bamboo plant to expose the root system. 
  • Use the garden rake to remove soil where you dug and tidy the area.
  • Pour undiluted white vinegar directly onto the stems, exposed roots, rhizomes and shoots.

Monitor the plant in Spring and Summer. Reapply vinegar if new growths appear. 

kill bamboo using vinegar

Burn bamboo cuttings and rhizomes

Burning can be very effective but is not environmentally friendly. 

It is a traditional method of removing bamboo in bamboo-growing regions in Asia and the Pacific where slash-and-burn farming is common. 

Although it is not an environmentally friendly way to kill bamboo permanently, it is less labour intensive compared to the methods mentioned above.

What you need

  • Pickaxe
  • Garden rake
  • A pair of garden loppers or secateurs

1: Cut the stems and rhizomes close to the ground. Collect the bamboo stick for use in the garden.

2: Dig up the bamboo, and loosen the soil around the roots and rhizomes.

3: Leave the cuttings and leaves for a few days to dry.

4: Put enough bamboo cuttings into the fire pit or the enclosed fireplace. Add more until you’ve burnt all the cuttings. Do not burn all of them at the same time.

You can use bamboo ash in the garden. The silica content in bamboo is high in calcium and potassium.

Warning: Use a closed fire pit or makeshift fireplace to contain the heat and flames. 

Do not burn bamboo in the open, near buildings, in busy residential areas or anywhere that is not safe to make a fire. 

The burning leaves and hollow hardy stems can release lots of heat and flames capable of reaching several metres.

Best ways to kill bamboos plants permanently

Although bamboo plants are evergreen and adorable plants adorable, the rate at which they grow can be troublesome. 

They spread aggressively and take up any space that is available very quickly if left untouched for 2 – 3 years. 

One of these methods may be ideal for you.

  • Cut stems and dig rhizomes to kill bamboos
  • Pour boiling water on shoots
  • Cut and burn to kill bamboos
  • Apply vinegar
Get all the tips on how to remove bamboo.

Note: Get it done professionally. The work is painstakingly hard.

If you want to do it yourself, here are 4 ways to kill bamboo plants permanently.

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