How to build a sweet pea garden frame trellis using bamboo sticks with pictures

Sweet peas are adorable plants with stunning (sweet-scented) flowers. They will definitely love the support to grow well. 

Build frames of bamboo poles and trellis for them.

Bamboo Garden Trellis Panels Bamboo pot trellis: (L) Sweet pea in full summer bloom and (R) the sweet pea and trellis support in winter.

Sweet pea garden trellis

Sweet peas love the pyramid-like trellis with three sides. 

If you are growing them in a large pot or in the garden, you should build this trellis. 

It looks more or less like a wigwam, but the better because the bamboo sticks will cross-cross close together to form an adorable pattern. 

The sweet pea garden trellis will have 3 side panels, when combined they'll form a pyramidal structure. 

That means that you will have to make three separate trellis panels and put them together.
As a side note, you can build more than three panels (in this case they'll be squares) and put them together, side-by-side.
You will need bamboo sticks, garden ropes, cable ties, a handsaw and a pair of secateurs.

Here is how to build a sweet pea trellis frame

  • Firstly, cut 6 lots of bamboos in equal lengths of 4m. (These bamboos will form the sides of the trellis panels).
  • Secondly, you’ll make three trellis bamboo panels, use 2 bamboos you cut earlier and tie some small bamboo sticks in a triangular shape.
  • Thirdly, repeat the same step until you’ve made 3 triangular trellis panels.
  • Then, use cable ties or garden ropes to tie the 3 trellis panels together to form a pyramid structure.
  • Finally, cut out the uneven edges and tidy them up.
That’s it, your Sweet Pea Garden Trellis is ready to use. Grow the sweet pea seeds or of the new plant underneath and around the trellis. They will look lovely!

Garden trellis ideas with pictures

Take a look at these garden trellis with pictures (including the bamboo tomato trellis and sweet pea bamboo cane frame) to get inspiration for your next project. 

We hope this article inspires you to create a beautiful bamboo trellis for plants in the garden.

Let us know what you think about this project or tell us about your latest project. 

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