How to build a square garden trellis panel from wood and bamboo sticks

Build a nice square bamboo and wood trellis for your garden plants. First, build a square or rectangular frame. Then, use the bamboo sticks as support for the plants to crawl up them.

This can be an easy and rewarding garden project. Your creepy crawly plants will love it.

Garden trellis panels UK A square trellis provides good support for creeper plants.

Square wood and bamboo trellis for plants

The square trellis is not only a multi-purpose trellis but makes a nice centrepiece for the garden. 

You can grow flowers, soft fruit, vines and vegetables such as cucumbers to grapes and passion fruit. 

To build a 4m x 4m square trellis with two opened ends and three closed ends, you’ll need 35 small bamboo sticks and 4 treated posts. 
You'll also need hand tools. Here is the material breakdown:
  • 4 treated posts 4m in length,
  • 8 sticks on each side (x2 panels),
  • 8 for the top panel,
  • 10 sticks for strengthening the sides and top panels, and
  • 1 extra.
And, here are the quick steps to guide you when building the trellis.
  • Firstly, use the first lot of 8 sticks to build the first panel.
  • Secondly, repeat the 3 steps to build the other - you should have three 4m x 4m trellis panels.
  • Thirdly, dig the soil and lay the 4 treated posts at each corner.
  • Next, tie the three panels to the posts.
  • Then, strengthen the trellis by tying bamboo sticks across the frame (or diagonally along it)
  • Finally, your square trellis is ready.
The square trellis is a stunner – a great garden centrepiece. 

The treated posts give this trellis longevity. It can last for up to 10 years or more. 

After that, you can replace the bamboo trellis panels and give them a new look. Your plants are going to love it.

Garden trellis ideas with pictures

Take a look at these garden trellis with pictures and bamboo tomato trellis to get inspiration for your next project. 

Check out this video on how to build a tomato bamboo trellis.

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We hope this article inspires you to create a beautiful bamboo trellis for plants in the garden.

Let us know what you think about this project or tell us about your latest project. 

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