How to Build a Bamboo Wall Trellis with Picture

Garden trellis panels and frames are ideal for vines and creepers. 

You can build a bamboo trellis in any shape using bamboo. The sticks are strong and bendable

Here are some ideas for a DIY garden trellis.

What you will need

You will need a pair of secateurs or garden loppers, a handsaw, garden ropes, cable ties and bamboo sticks. 

If you do not grow the running or clumping bamboos, you can purchase the sticks from a DIY shop or source them online. 
arch wall trellis with pictures
Bamboo wall trellis picture illustration

Making an arch wall trellis using Fishpole Bamboo

An arch trellis is ideal for narrow walls and small gardens. 

Small creeper plants will also love the slender-slim bamboo trellis. 
To make it, you will need two tall bamboo sticks and plenty of short ones, a pair of secateurs and garden ropes or small cable ties.
  • Firstly, tie the tips of the two sticks together.
  • Secondly, bend the sticks to form an arch shape. (You can adjust the length and width to your liking).
  • Then, tie the short bamboo sticks horizontally and vertically – the closer the better. (You can also do this diagonally).
  • Finally cut off any uneven edges sticking out.
That’s it. Your slim-arch trellis is ready to use!

Garden trellis ideas with pictures

Take a look at these garden trellis with pictures and bamboo tomato trellis to get inspiration for your next project. 

Check out this video on how to build a tomato bamboo trellis.

We hope this article inspires you to create a beautiful bamboo trellis for plants in the garden.

Let us know what you think about this project or tell us about your latest project. 

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