10 Bamboo DIY Ideas with Pictures

In this series on 'how to use bamboo,' we put together a fantastic collection of ideas and tips to help you make use of bamboo plants in your garden. 

Each link takes you to the page with detailed intructions with pictures to help you build your own or give you an idea about how to make yours.

10 bamboo hacks with pictures

Bamboos are not only stunning garden plants, but they are also eco-friendly materials. 

You can use you can in many home and garden DIY projects. 

Bamboo storage DIY hacks

The cylindrical shape and hollow chamber along the bamboo stems make it easy to create simple DIY storage for homes and gardens.

Bamboos are tolerant to infestation and weather elements. They are also sustainable materials.

Bamboo canes (sticks) have been used in gardening hacks and DIY projects. These 10 ideas will help you as you try out these creative ideas. 
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