5 bamboo art and craft ideas - storage boxes

Bamboo canes are not only strong material, some have hollow chambers that you can cut out to make simple storage.
Other bamboo plants also have a thick interior which can be carved out to produce cups, storage boxes, and tubes and do 'arty and crafty' things.

DIY bamboo storage box, tube and cup

DIY Bamboo storage box, tube and mug

Bamboos are extremely hollow in the middle, slim and long. 

They are best for storing pencils and pens, toothbrushes and slim many other similar everyday items. 

The cup-like tubes are also best for storing secret documents, paintings and important documents. 

Storage boxes you can make out of bamboo

  • Pencil storage box
  • Water cups or mugs
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste storage.
  • Secret storage box or tube.

Take a look at how to make 5 bamboo storage ideas for the household items that you should know. 

They are incredibly easy to make!

Bamboo garden uses

Bamboo has been used in many gardening hacks, too. Here is a video of how we use bamboo as one of the materials for this box.

10 Bamboo DIY projects with pictures and videos

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