Bamboo Bathroom Storage Hacks

In this Bamboo Bathroom Storage Hacks, you'll find out how to make a bamboo storage for toothpaste and toothbrish, and bamboo storage tube for storing important documents.

DIY bamboo bathroom storage

A bamboo toothpaste and toothbrush storage tube is a fantastic little product to keep in the bathroom. 

It does not take too much space. 

You can also hang it up on the wall or place it anywhere near the sink for convenience.
  • Firstly, cut the bamboo to length leaving a node to act as the base-stopper.  It can either be a straight cut or diagonal cut, but it needs to be 1 cm to 2 cm shorter than the length of your toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • Secondly, give the newly cut bamboo a good sanding all over. Apply heat if you want it to be nice and shiny brown.
  • Then, drill a small hole underneath the bamboo bathroom storage so that water can drain out.
  • Finally, your new DIY bamboo toothpaste and toothbrush storage are ready to use!

Bamboo toothbrush and toothpaste storage - DIY bamboo


How to make a Secret bamboo storage box or tube

You will need to make both the tube and its top seal.
  • Firstly, select a bamboo cane with a long intersection ( or internode).
  • Secondly, use a handsaw or hacksaw to cut the bamboo into a tube with one side close (node intact) and the other node completely cut out.
  • Then, use fine sandpaper to smoothen the rough edges.
  • The secret bamboo storage tube is done.
Next, you need to make the top seal. You'll need a slightly small bamboo that can fit into the tube you made above.
  • Cut out one side with the node intact.
  • Give it a good sanding and make it fit into the bamboo tube you cut previously.
  • Trim out the edges and tidy it up.
  • Finally, the secret bamboo storage box or tube should be complete with its top seal in place.

Bamboo garden DIY Hacks

Check out this video and our YouTube channel for garden DIY Hacks using bamboo canes.

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