Start Garden Plants from Seed in Bamboo Propagator

Do you have thick bamboo canes? You can build a nice Bamboo Seed Propagator and grow your plants from seed in it.

Here is a quick guide to building one.

Start Garden Plants from Seed in Bamboo Propagator

Make seed propagator with lids

Seeds tend to germinate well in conditions where the soil is moist and nutrient-rich and the soil temperature is above 10 degrees Celcius. 

The Royal Horticultural  Society (RHS) has a detailed guide for sowing seeds here, RHS Germination Guide, PDF

The lids act as a greenhouse to maintain the temperature and humidity in the bamboo seed pots and trays. This encourages the seed to germinate. 

You can take the lids off when the germinating seeds reach a certain height and transplant them. 

Always put the lid back so that any seeds that remain will have to chance to grow.

DIY bamboo projects - hanging wall planters

Start Garden Plants from Seed in Bamboo Propagator

Wall planters are ideal for putting colours to a dull wall. 

Many of the metal wall planters are great but are also expensive. 

If you want to try a DIY wall hanging plant, making hanging wall planters an ideal option. 

There are two types of hanging wall planters that you can make: 
  • Vertical wall planters and
  • Horizontal wall planters
Take a look at the materials and steps for making the bamboo hanging wall planters

Bamboo art and craft ideas

The video shows how we used bamboo sticks to make a mini raft - see how it goes down the river.

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